A Movement

the human enterprise is a movement. A movement whose time has come. You see, the creation of entrepreneurial workplace cultures, which are truly human, has been a passion of mine since I started the human enterprise in 1987.

A Better Way

In my early days in business, I saw some organisations as “the killing fields of the spirit”. I knew it didn’t have to be this way. In my heart of hearts, I wanted to provide leaders with an alternative – great businesses, in fact, the most productive and meaningful businesses on the planet. Back in 1987 “engagement” meant you’re committed to marrying someone. It had nothing to do with the corporate world.

It’s different now, every leader worth their salt knows the importance of an engaged workplace.

The Land Of Oz

But it’s more than just a great place to work that stirs my soul. As a baby boomer son of a World War II digger and war nurse, I know the real cost of freedom. Although I see myself as a global citizen of the world, I’m unashamedly an over the top proud Australian. I love the lifestyle we have here, our choices and our freedoms. But freedom doesn’t come cheap. Nor do great hospitals, great schools, great education, care for the ageing and disabled, clean beaches, or barbecues with mates.

A Healthy Economy

The only way we can maintain our standard of living is through the creation of a healthy economy. That will only come about through great industry. And great industry is built on great businesses and great businesses are built on great leadership at every level.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you build great leadership at every level of your organisation, within every fibre of it.

Leadership that is simultaneously outcome oriented and compassionate, socially aware and inspiring.

Leadership At Every Level

Sure, leadership at the top is vital, but unless we all take a stand, unless we all take responsibility for the creation of truly human enterprises, it will never happen. So we’re not just about the development of leaders. We are a movement dedicated to TRANSFORMING LEADERSHIP. That’s why our mission is to “Create organisational cultures where everyone leads”.

And if you think the word leadership is overdone, just replace it with responsibility.

All Areas Of Your Life

We also believe leadership doesn’t stop at work. It’s ever present in leader’s homes and their communities as well. It’s why we call our community of associates and followers our Leaders for Life™ Community

More Life

Because the purpose of leadership is to give you more life, not to suck the life out of you. More life for you, your team, your peers, your customers, your suppliers. It’s why all our services are “infused” with massive doses of over the top commitment, passion and energy.

Yes, energy. It may seem like a funny thing to be pushing, but every great CEO or MD knows exactly what I mean. No energy, no results.

So our role, in fact, our role together, is to excite people to exceptional performance. And that’s exactly what we do for all levels of leadership at the human enterprise.

Our Range Of Services

On our site you’ll see four key service areas:

How Are We Different?

We know organisations like ours are a dime a dozen, so how are we different? Simple, it all goes back to the human enterprise. So every service we offer, irrespective of the delivery mode, has two simple aims:


HUMAN – maximise meaning and satisfaction

ENTERPRISE – maximise productivity and contribution


Our Higher Purpose

And we do this for your leaders as people, not just titles on an organisation chart but people with dreams, aspirations and hopes, families and friends, like all of us.

We get them to reflect on who they want to be in all areas of their lives. We let them know they are okay as they are, they just need to be “more of themselves”. That’s why our higher purpose is to:

Transform the way leaders live their lives, lead their businesses, and leave a legacy.

Take A Walk

You may be reading this after you visited our home page. So have a wander around the site, it will give you a great feel for who we are.

Let’s Connect

Then, if you’re open to discussing a different perspective on leadership development in your organisation, call us on +61 2 9905 5535 or email us at soul@thehumanenterprise.com.au. Or become part of our Leaders for Life™ Community and receive invaluable FREE Resources for you and your people.

I hope we get to connect and partner together sometime in the future.

Until next time,
Find the passion.
Develop the skills.
Make the numbers.
Make a difference.

Paul M



Paul (Mitch) Mitchell
Founder and Managing Director
“Asia Pacific’s Renowned Leadership Development Advisor”