Leadership Development Programmes

Are you looking to make leadership more than just a buzzword in your organisation? Leadership Development Programmes are ideal for organisations, business units or teams looking to develop leaders in a group or workshop style situation. These programmes are hands-on, practical and specifically designed to give each participant – regardless of their title – a leadership mindset as well as the practical leadership skills and strategies to back it up.

Basecamp: Leadership Essentials | Leadership Skills Sydney | Leadership Training Sydney

Many organisations know they must develop their future leaders but don’t have the capacity or time to dedicate to it. Basecamp: Leadership Essentials is a leadership skills programme that equips your people with the necessary mindset and capabilities they need so they are fantastic at the fundamentals and ready to lead from any chair. That way you can be confident that you have the people you need to continue leading your organisation into your chosen future.

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Higher Ground: Group Leadership Coaching | the human enterprise

Holding onto your best people, building a strong internal talent pipeline and promoting from within can sometimes seem impossible. Higher Ground: Group Leadership Coaching is a public programme delivered virtually. It excites your functional managers to learn from a combination of world-class coaches, experienced guest speakers and the collective wisdom of the cohort. Your best talent will finish the programme both engaged and committed to playing a bigger leadership role that impacts your whole enterprise.

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The Organisation Workshop - Leadership Development Programme

The Organisation Workshop is a 1-2 day Leadership Development Programme designed to break down organisational silos. It’s specifically designed to bring together all levels of your organisation and instil in participants a sense of personal responsibility for building better relationships, up, down and across your organisation.

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Our Best - Leadership Development Programme

This Leadership Development Programme is specifically designed for intact teams. It provides teams with a foolproof system for understanding each other and breaking down any barriers to effective collaboration. In doing this, Our Best shifts the responsibility of ‘teamwork’ and the success of the team to each individual member, not just the formal leader(s).

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Come Together - Leadership Development Programme

If a recent merger or acquisition has disrupted the status quo in your organisation, this one-day programme can help. Come Together is a unique Leadership Development experience that gives recently merged organisations or teams a system for bridging any interpersonal gaps between each culture allowing you to fully maximise the synergies of the merge.

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Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? What it takes to be an authentic leader | Leadership Training Sydney

When business results depend on leading others, it helps to understand what followers need. Yet too many leaders emulate celebrity CEOs or bosses they admire, trying to be people they aren’t. As a result, they often fail. If your leaders fail, your organisation will too. Based on the work of London Business School Professors Goffee and Jones, this BlessingWhite programme allows leaders to remain true to who they are, while simultaneously modifying their behaviour to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter. They are then able to be themselves – more – with skill, releasing and focusing amazing amounts of energy to create amazing results.

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