Higher Ground Transforming Good Managers into Great Leaders

Why the need?

Organisations don't perform. People behave.Every measure of organisational performance, revenue, margin, costs, profit, efficiencies are all lag indicators. They measure after the effect. They are the sum total of all the behaviours your people are doing, or not doing.

So if you wish to change organisational performance you have to change people’s behaviour. There are so many ways of doing this, including but not limited to:

  • Restructures
  • Consequences and rewards
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance planning and reviews
  • Working conditions
  • Training and development

The list is endless. But for us at the human enterprise the key to changing people’s behaviour and organisational culture can be summed up in one word:


Because it’s through great leadership that people make their connections with the business allowing them to maximise their contribution and simultaneously maximise the joy and meaning in their work life. One of the best ways to create great leadership and transform your culture is to have your managers experience our long-term flagship leadership development programme, HIGHER GROUND: Transforming Good Managers Into Great Leaders.

What happens if you don’t?

You’ll never build a high-performance culture with technical skills alone. Your organisation probably has some great managers with a reputation for their technical excellence and delivering results.

But in today’s business world where change is the norm, competition is always increasing, and your customers want your products faster and of a higher quality, technical competence is not enough. Not enough to build a High-Performance Culture. While great technical skills might get people promoted, an ability to engage followers and really lead their function will determine the success of your leaders and ultimately the success of your business. This requires the development of self-awareness, specific leadership skills and the ability to link personal actions and discretionary effort of followers to organisational objectives and imperatives.  Enter Higher Ground…

A Brief Overview

Higher Ground is a unique leadership development programme that takes competent managers and turns them into incredible leaders. It is built on decades of feedback from CEOs, GMs, HR Directors and the leaders themselves, who told us what was required. All agreed we need leaders who can:

  1. Bridge the gap between strategy and action throughout the organisation. Make sure your senior leaders aren’t the only ones going to bed at night worrying about business results.
  2. Inspire and engage their teams to higher levels of performance. Because people don’t want to be micro-managed.
  3. Bust the “silos” and build better partnerships across your organisation. End the inter-departmental power struggles and get your focus back on delighting your customers.
  4. Develop and coach the leaders around them, building your leadership culture from within. Now that’s a “Leadership Pipeline”!
  5. Inspire change and innovation, not just maintain (manage) the status quo. Because you need people to drive change rather than just react to it, or worse still, try to ride out the storm.
  6. Adapt their skills and behaviour to suit the needs of their followers and the situational context. You want authentic leaders who can call on the right approach at the right time.

Distinguishing Features and Benefits

Consists of over 100 tried and tested modules each 2 – 3 hours in length.No costly development fees, you simply select the modules best suited to your specific needs.
We call it HIGHER GROUND, you can badge it any way you want.The programme name can further reinforce and align to your talent strategy.
Spaced learning over 3-6 months can be applied.Your leaders get time to assimilate, practise and gain real time feedback on the ideas and skills presented.
Use our “Leadership Diamond” 7 Facets of Leadership Model.Your leaders expand their identity of what it means to lead in their organisation, with family and friends and community.
We build in time for reflection after each session and introduce them to the human enterprise leadership G.O.A.L.S. oriented reflection journalling. Your leaders not only have time to reflect on the application of the ideas in the workshop, they use journalling as a critical reflection technique for enhanced decision making.
We buddy participants up and give them the tools to coach each other.Nothing builds leadership G.O.A.L.S. clarity, commitment and community like having your own buddy coach for the duration of the programme.
We use a variety of self-awareness tools and instruments. Based on these insights they build specific strategies. Leaders build strategies specific to them.You can’t change what you’re not aware of. Leaders gain in depth insights into their values, talents, needs and vulnerabilities. Their specific strategies empower leaders to be at their best.
We practise, practise, practise in the workshop for each of the skills presented, along with peer and facilitator coaching.We don’t leave the development of leadership skills to chance. We know great bench strength comes from great practise and great feedback.
We mix a variety of individual, small group and whole group exercises.Your leaders create bonds and connections not otherwise possible, fostering greater partnership across boundaries and previous silos.
Accelerated learning techniques – methodologies such as the use of colour, flipcharts, movement, music, song and stories.Your leaders will be emotionally engaged throughout. “Learning is an emotion.”
We recommend cross-functional, strategically aligned, group action learning projects.Your leaders solve organisational issues which you could never solve by yourself or would pay external consultants to help you find solutions. Commitment to successful implementation is dramatically improved.

*NB: All roles and organisations were accurate at the time the testimonials were provided

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