Leadership Keynotes

Are you searching for a keynote speaker who will give your audience leadership strategies that inspire them to lead from any chair?

Are you looking for a speaker and author who will make a lasting impact on organisational performance?

There are many speakers out there. But if you are looking for one who balances energy and motivation with powerful, memorable content then look no further than Paul Mitchell’s Leadership Keynotes.


Paul “Mitch” Mitchell is totally committed to your audience not just “getting it” but “doing” something with the content delivered.

That’s why his keynotes are not just presentations, they are mini-workshops, in fact, he’s even trademarked the term “KEYSHOPS”.

Every presentation is 1.5 hrs long with a mixture of content, consolidation exercises and a “take home” plan to help with integration back in the workplace.

All designed to help your people lead with greater authenticity, energy and impact.

Your audience will do more than just dutifully listen. They’ll be transfixed and transformed.

The Energy Edge

Leaders are the stewards of organisational energy.

Brilliant leaders know how to skilfully use their energy to get things done and inspire others to do the same. But how do you maintain the energy levels required to lead day after day, year after year?

Once the personal energy of leaders drops, you can rest assure team and organisational results will soon follow.

The Energy Edge is about the proven practices needed to build energy and capacity into your daily business and personal life despite the tsunami of change taking place around you.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to use their personal energy as distinct from their time to remain energised.
  • Energising rituals and habits they can build into their daily routine for greater momentum.
  • The absolute importance of mindset and beliefs and their impact on personal performance and team morale.
  • How searching for a higher purpose is not just nice to do, it’s essential to keeping yourself and others inspired.

Don’t you and your people deserve a more competitive – and energetic – edge?

Taking a Leadership Stand

Getting full engagement is too big a job for senior management alone.

You need to get everyone, at every level of the organisation, to take responsibility for full engagement. Where people’s joy and meaning is maximised along with stunning results.

This powerful and insightful keynote is designed for audiences made up of representatives from all levels of your organisation – “top”, “middle”, “bottom”, even your clients and “customers”.

Taking a Leadership Stand shines a light on the ‘worlds’ that exist at each level in your organisation and creates the understanding necessary for each person, regardless of title or rank, to build better “partnerships” with everyone they work with – the key to great engagement.

Your audience will learn:

  • How their position within your organisation affects their (and others’) behaviour.
  • How to approach others no matter their position – in a way that brings about partnership and engagement.
  • How to look beyond their own ‘patch’ and think more strategically.
  • How they can take responsibility for building engagement.

Give your people powerful tools and techniques to embrace even greater engagement across all levels of the organisation.

Illumination: How Your Leadership Shadow is the Key To Your Success

Ever wondered why some leaders never reach their potential?

Your Leadership Shadow is the part of you that determines how much personal and professional success you will have as a leader.

Your shadow is not your “dark” or “evil” parts, it’s just the part of you that is not in the light. It’s the things about yourself you don’t see, can’t see, or see and don’t admit to. It’s the part of yourself you haven’t yet owned or claimed as your own.

When you hide these parts, it slowly erodes your self-esteem, your energy and your full self-expression. When you lose access to these parts, it first shows up in your internal world as shame or feelings of unworthiness, and then in your external world, creating limits on your behavioural repertoire and all you could achieve.

Your audience will learn:

  • What The Shadow is all about.
  • The typical Leadership Shadows all leaders have in common.
  • How to identify your Shadow: it’s easier than you think
  • The 3 key questions you have to ask to get a deeper understanding.
  • Specific strategies you’ll need to integrate your Shadow following your own personal “illumination”.

 Realise the total energy in your organisation by releasing the total energy in all your leaders.

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

What is authentic leadership and why should You care?

When business results depend on leading others, it helps to understand what followers need. Yet too many leaders emulate celebrity CEO’s or bosses they admire, trying to be people they aren’t. As a result, they often fail. If your leaders fail, your organisation will too.

Successful leaders remain true to who they are, while simultaneously modifying their behaviour to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter. They are able to be “more of themselves with SKILL”.

Drawing from the research of Professors Goffee and Jones from the London Business School, this compelling keynote presentation challenges audiences to consider their own authentic approach to leadership and learn the essential leadership practices required to excite their followers to exceptional performance.

Your audience will:

  • Examine authentic leadership and the challenges of leading in our current environment.
  • Explore the 4 critical needs of followers (Community, Authenticity, Significance, Excitement) and consider how effectively they are meeting these.
  • Learn essential leadership practices allowing them to be themselves – more – with skill.
  • Develop their own authentic answer to the question; Why Should Anyone Be Led By YOU?

Your people will lead with an even more authentic passion and drive as they understand themselves and others; stepping into their own unique “leadership skin” with greater comfort and assurance.

So the next time someone asks your people Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?they’ll know exactly why.

Feedback | Leadership Keynote Speaker Sydney

Why feedback is everyone’s business.

Feedback really is the breakfast of champions. Without it, we will never truly understand the way we are perceived by others or gain the distinctions needed to go to the next level.

Yet for some people, and cultures, giving feedback is avoided or, at best, difficult to deliver and to receive. If this is the case, both individuals and your organisation will never get to the next level of excellence.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In this leadership keynote your audience will learn:

  • How feedback is the fuel for growth.
  • The 5 ways we give feedback and why.
  • How to move from a “N.I.C.E. Culture”, where no one gives tough feedback, to a “R.E.A.L. Culture”, where we proactively seek it.
  • A four-step process on how to give feedback when there’s a gap in expectations.
  • A four-step process on how to give feedback when the performance is great.
  • The vital difference leaders need to know between recognition and appreciation.

After Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions, your people will leave with two specific skills and a real commitment to building a culture of honest, respectful feedback. And when that happens, everyone goes to the next level.

*NB: All roles and organisations were accurate at the time the testimonials were provided


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