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Your Leadership Diamond 2e | Book Cover | Books on Leadership

How to transform the way you live your life, lead your people and leave a legacy

What’s the point of making the numbers but not making a difference? What’s the point of being a brilliant leader in the workplace but a failure at home? What’s the point of building great relationships but underdelivering on promised outcomes? In his #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Your Leadership Diamond, Paul Mitchell reveals how in a period of just seven weeks, you can take your leadership to a whole new level. He inspires us to see ourselves as diamonds that just need a little polishing to really shine. You’ll discover simple, practical advice, for time-poor leaders who wish to transform the way they lead at work, at home and in their communities. And for the second edition, Paul has included new additions and examples to help you polish up even brighter.


Rough Diamonds | Paul Mitchell | Books on Leadership

A collection of leadership gems from the vault

Rough Diamonds is a selection of articles from leadership coach, author and founder of the human enterprise, Paul Mitchell. Building on the advice in his #1 Amazon Australia Bestselling book, Your Leadership Diamond, and following the same 7-facet structure, this compilation is for busy leaders who often don’t have major chunks of time free for reading, and who aren’t too linear in nature. Even reading one chapter a day gives a great boost. Some chapters are short and sweet, some are much longer. Some outline specific actions or small tweaks, and some just leave you to reflect.


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