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No one makes it on their ownIt’s so true. With the pace of business these days our very survival depends on our interconnectedness and our ability to work together in high-performance teams.

Not only do we achieve more but most of our sense of satisfaction, of joy, of meaning, comes from the strength and depth of our relationships with our team members.


High-performance teamwork doesn’t just happen naturally. You have to work at it.

When teams work well, your whole organisation produces exemplary results. When they don’t, so much time and energy are taken up with “argy-bargy” politics, and personality conflicts that just don’t have to be there.

Without high-performance teams, you are at risk. The risk of making poor decisions, because complementary styles and roles are not present or not recognised. These poor decisions can be costly for both morale and business results.

And even if good decisions are made, unless you carefully look at implementation risks, like whether you have the resources, the power or influence to turn those decisions into committed actions, then the team just gets frustrated. Great decisions, but no carry through.

Even when teams are tracking well, you still see these typical patterns that slowly disintegrate the team with energy being taken away from the customers or the key results required.

Then some of the following are bound to creep in:

  • A lack of trust with people not “fessing up” to how they are really feeling or tracking.
  • Team members not putting the real issues on the table, so the “undiscussables” don’t surface, let alone get resolved. In fact, it’s the meeting after the meeting where the real work gets done.
  • Everyone saying “yes” or, worse still, not really thrashing out issues so the collective genius of the team is never tapped.
  • Resulting in little buy-in or commitment – sure, there’s head-nodding but so many issues are left floating.
  • And they keep surfacing meeting after meeting, with no one taking accountability for the lack of progress. Implementation falters.
  • Why? Because everyone’s too busy doing their own thing rather than caring or at least paying attention to the challenges other team members are facing.
  • Sure, you get on with each other, but as they say “do you have each other’s backs?”. Would you “take a bullet” for your buddy?
  • Even if you do care about the result they are producing, and how they fit into the whole, do people genuinely care about each other as people, not just sectional or functional heads?
  • And what about that sense of shared purpose, that inspiring sense that you are clear on your mission as a team, the excitement you create as a unit? Without that your efforts are scattered or mediocre at best.


In Our Best you’ll discover how you can immediately tap into the talents of every member to achieve awesome results in record time and bust the silos that prevent collective commitment to truly being and acting as “one team”. You’ll truly transform “High Performing Individuals into a High Performance Team”.

As a team leader or team member, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have everyone truly on the same page? Rather than reverting to their own patch, and detracting from the collective genius that occurs magically in high-performance teams.

Then we’d love you to explore the possibility of experiencing our 1–3 day team programme Our Best: Transforming High Performing Individuals into a High Performance Team. Because the success of your organisation, function or division really rests with your team.

We see you, the team leader, as the “Sponsor”, HR as the “Champion”, and the team as our “Client”.

We involve them up front with an initial diagnosis of how they see the team, what they’d like to see happen on the day, and their longer-term aspirations and vision for the team.

The team then work through a tried and tested teamwork model and are provided with a number of take-home tasks for each level of success, to implement after the workshop.


Establish a baseline through surveys and interviews.You achieve much more authentic solutions as each programme is created around your unique needs.
Seeing the team as the client with prework and pre-interviews.Although the team leader is the sponsor, the team is the client. Because team members are involved with the planning they are so much more committed to outcomes from the programme.
Right from the start we bridge the G.A.P. (Ground Rules, Actions, Protocols) in the team.Real deliverables are agreed to. It’s not just a feel-good workshop.
You’re introduced to a variety of team tools with immediate take home value.Ensuring long-term sustainable results, from any team exercise or discussion.
Getting to know about each other’s styles, talents and vulnerabilities.The collective genius of perspectives is tapped into, lowering the inherent strategic risks in decision-making.
Ground Rules are set for your specific team yet built around your organisational values.In this way, we reinforce the unique value of the team yet align it with the broader organisational context, further preventing the building of a ‘silo’ mindset.
For non-programmed decisions, we explore the decision-making process and the importance of empowering questions, listening and acknowledging.Not only are better decisions made, individuals feel more respected, involved and committed.
The Adizes Concept of CAPI (Coalesced Authority, Power, Influence) is explored.Greatly enhancing the chance of committed implementation and lowering overall implementation risks.
Overall accountabilities and boundaries are further explored and clarified AND our proprietary TEAM ACTION PLANNER is introduced.Channelling the energy into achieving results, rather than internal confusion, potential conflict, and a lack of understanding about who is doing what.
Your Team Mission is either reviewed or created.Giving the team shared focus and creating more meaning and connection.
The BIG 3 to 5 Shared Team Priorities are further clarified.Totally unify the team, giving it absolute clarity around its overall Strategic Intent, not just its Strategic Objectives.

*NB: All roles and organisations were accurate at the time the testimonials were provided

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