Leadership Facilitation WHY THE NEED?

"What is your biggest problem? It is your inability to solve your own problems" - Dr. Ichak Adizes

Bringing people together to solve their own problems is an essential requirement for our new era of unprecedented change.

It’s essential you take the time to address the problems every organisation faces. Change brings problems and solutions often bring further problems. This “change” loop is ongoing and getting faster and faster.

And the quicker and more efficiently and effectively you deal with it, the more chance you have of staying ahead of your competitors.

Leadership Facilitation on whole organisational issues or specific team challenges will not only help solve your current problems, our focus on “technology transfer” means you get inspired to apply these tools to future challenges the world throws at you.

Your whole business will feel more integrated, more alive. Through solving your own problems, greater trust will be generated and you’ll gain in-depth respect for the divergent ideas so essential for out of the box thinking.


Leadership in many respects is the management of change.

With change, you have to make new decisions, and once decisions are made you have to implement them.

Poor decisions often stem from not taking a broader perspective of all viewpoints. And therefore associates often doubt the organisation’s capacity to achieve. We lose respect for one another, trust begins to fade and a lot of our energy is spent on politics and internal struggles rather than mind-blowing customer service and potential growth strategies.

Without building great relationships and a culture of mutual trust and respect, you’ll never harness great conflict. And without great conflict, you’ll have little buy-in and commitment, with people often going off and doing their own thing.

The results can be disastrous. Only by embracing the inevitability of change and building a culture that simultaneously honours both control and flexibility, will you ever achieve what your team and organisation are capable of.


Every Leadership Facilitation is different.

We take a brief, we get to the heart of your problem and then design an intervention to uncover and unlock the potential in your team and/or organisation.

These may be as short as an afternoon workshop, 1-3 day retreats, or longer term programmes spread out over several months.

We get very clear roles and expectations. If it’s your team, we see you as the “Authority” or “Sponsor”, HR normally as the “Champion” and your organisation or team as the “Ultimate Client”.

You’ll see as much emphasis on what we do beforehand, like taking the brief, surveys, or involving key stakeholders up front, as we do on the design of the Leadership Facilitation and follow-up. Together we clearly define the problem to be addressed, what needs to be done, how we will judge success, generate solutions, action plan and reflect on overall learnings.


A comprehensive brief is taken.You’ll have many issues. We help you isolate the most pressing one, for where both your team and organisation is at. We give you both clarity and a path forward.
A unique design is created just for you.We use researched technologies and tools like a smorgasbord. You get to decide the dishes and the portions you need.
A major emphasis on follow up.As great as decisions are, it’s the implementation that counts. Our Proprietary Team Action Planner helps to ensure ‘stuff happens’.
Surveying of Participants.We get buy-in to the workshop through individual interviews, whole team or organisation surveys.
Use of the globally tested Adizes’ Team Integration Tools.It’s not a one-off event. You get practical and researched tools to address future challenges and the reassurance of their track record for results.
Clear Articulation of Roles.We all know beforehand exactly the roles everyone will be playing on the day. This leaves the team leader free to fully participate and engage.
Harnessing of conflict and raising awareness of styles and contribution.We don’t run away from conflict, we both harness and harvest it, using complimentary styles to arrive at robust decisions. Decisions that take into account short and long term thinking as well as both effectiveness and efficiency.
Environment of Openness.Issues are put on the table. We don’t run away from the truth. Freeing up the energy to focus on extraordinary solutions.
Energising Exercises.Sometimes you have to get it in your “gut” for it to make sense. Creative exercises mean real visceral learning occurs at a deep lasting emotional level.

*NB: All roles and organisations were accurate at the time the testimonials were provided


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