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If you want to stop a room full of leaders dead in their tracks, ask them this ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?’

London Business School professor Rob Goffee and Centre for Management Development fellow Gareth Jones asked precisely that question, writing a Harvard Business Review best-selling book of the same name.

Harvard Business Review | Leadership Development SydneyLondon Business School | Leadership Development SydneyBeing a leader can be exhilarating. It can also be exhausting.

If our spirit is low and our energy depleted, how can we possibly realise our extraordinary visions? Sure, we might have a meaningful purpose, but how can we make that resonate with our followers if they’re not completely engaged with us at every level?

What most leaders fail to recognise is that to gain more buy-in from followers they don’t need more leadership, they need to create a culture of ‘’ownership’; one in which people feel a sense of belonging to something bigger, led by a leader who confidently stands apart, ignites passion, engenders enthusiasm, and embodies the values and vision they espouse.

This inspirational leadership development programme will give you and your leaders renewed energy and even greater leadership skills to lead with purpose. This leadership training gives you the opportunity to do more than build a team, create a culture and instil values (all worthy goals). What this program does is support you – with skill – in creating one of the most meaningful workplaces on the planet. And you don’t need to be someone else. All you need, as we say in the programme, is to “be yourself -MORE – with SKILL”.


Trust in leaders is at an all-time low. And, as in any relationship where trust is low, so is morale, motivation and engagement. When engagement is low, performance slowly begins to drop. Organisations become “the killing fields” of the human spirit, your leaders are not seen as authentic and they begin to lose the respect of their people.

The problems with leaders who are seen as inauthentic are many:

  • They put so much of their energy into trying to be someone they’re not. Energy that could be going into developing people or serving customers.
  • They get tired, they “burn out”; it takes a lot of energy to pretend you’re someone you’re not.
  • They never really get to shine using their own gifts and talents, they’re always trying to be copies of somebody else.
  • We sense it, we smell it, and we label them as phonies and never quite trust them.
  • They always think they have to have all the answers and be strong at all times, so we never see their vulnerabilities. And it’s the sharing of these vulnerabilities that connects us to them. That makes them human.
  • So their people never let their own guards down, never put their hands up and ask for help, and never let us know what’s really happening.
  • That’s why teams with inauthentic leaders are never as effective because they rarely experience what it means to be in a team, where each other’s gifts and talents compensate for each other’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • As followers, we’re never exactly sure what our leaders stand for, we don’t know their values, their beliefs, or their needs or even their expectations of us. So we find ourselves reluctant to follow because they seem reluctant to lead.
  • People don’t follow reluctant leaders, they simply go through the motions and never quite engage.
  • When leaders have this disconnect from their teams they rarely understand the real barriers to achieving strategic initiatives.
  • They never get the sort of performance that individuals or teams are capable of or need to face the challenges of doing business today.


This BlessingWhite two-day leadership development programme is a very different approach to leadership. It will help you find that courage. It’s based NOT on what great leaders do, but what leaders would need to do for their followers to be committed to them.

This is a very different approach than just studying great leaders and trying to emulate them. Where most leadership workshops just teach skills, “Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?” gets at the very heart of why you want to lead in the first place and who you need to “BE” to do so.

  • Time and time again four distinct follower needs surfaced in Goffee and Jones’ Research with one central idea. You can get more detail on these needs by reading their Harvard Business Review Article, one of their most downloaded articles in business history.

The key idea is that effective leaders “excite followers to exceptional performance”.

the human enterprise have facilitated this workshop in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China and the Middle East. It resonates everywhere. Why? Because the key needs of followers of their leaders remain the same.Build Community, Demonstrate Authenticity, Impart Significance, Create Excitement | Leadership QualitiesIt’s what we call making your CASE as an effective leader. We’ll have you demonstrating and practising exactly how to do this, along with feedback from your peers in this breakthrough two-day programme.


Pre-work that asks the leader to come to the programme with a real live business challenge where their leadership is essential. You immediately get to apply the methodology to a real issue so the ideas make immediate sense and you get an immediate payoff.
Prework and Workshop Activities that get you clear on your top 5 valuesYou start to build your leadership on what you believe in, your strengths, your resolve to be you and use your values as the core of your conviction.
Upfront Sponsor InvolvementYour manager becomes part of the learning, linking your experience to a relevant strategic issue and organisational imperatives.
You’ll learn how to peer coach through Peer Group ConsultingYou build an even stronger team bond with your colleagues as you help each other solve your organisation’s most pressing business issues in this “working session”.
Personal Action PlanningYou’ll come away with a specific action plan to excite others to exceptional performance based on your specific business challenge AND a framework for doing this with every business issue you face in your career from there on in.
A simple online feedback process that offers a reality check on the needs of leaders’ followersSimilar to a 360° Report, you'll gain feedback on 8 specific behaviours under the 4 keys to gaining follower engagement. You immediately see how authentic you appear to others and what to do about it if something's missing.
The importance of Context, Framing, and Scene SettingFollowers get on your "wavelength". They see how their work contributes to the whole.
Feedback from a significant other person in your lifeLeadership doesn't stop at work. You'll get insights into how you're seen outside of work and if this aligns with who you want and need to be.
A 4-step template of how to kick off any new project, or new connection, where you want to quickly let others know who you are and how they can get behind youYou'll start building trust and credibility with others as your personal leadership brand comes to life.
Time-out for personal reflection through a series of structured exercisesWhat's the point of leading if it doesn't give you more "life". You'll gain real clarity on what's important to you in life overall, not just your role as a leader.
A copy of the best-selling Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?A great way to reinforce all the learnings from the workshop and keep your new commitments to being the best leader you can be.

*NB: All roles and organisations were accurate at the time the testimonials were provided

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